Three Components Every Medical Website Needs

The medical industry today is barely recognizable from the medical industry just 50 years ago. More than ever before, American consumers can tackle their medical needs the same way they can an online shopping list. Head to Google, type in a quick search term, and viola: all doctors in a 15 mile radius appear. With the ability for consumers to compare and contrast potential medical options so easily, it is more critical than ever for your own medical practice to create a website that looks sleek and modern, conveys a sense of credibility, and offers all the information that a future patient could possibly need. (more…)

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It’s Never Too Early to Prepare Holiday Marketing

It may feel like back-to-school time right now, but before you blink it will be Halloween, then Thanksgiving, and finally the winter holiday season will draw near. While the long holiday stretch between October and New Years is rewarding for the celebrations that occur between friends and family, it’s also a critical time for businesses to leverage their best online marketing materials. If you properly leverage the holiday feelings of gratitude, friendship, love, and interconnectedness, you can forge deeper bonds with your customers, support your brand, and watch your profit margins soar. (more…)

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Pinterest Marketing: Love It or Leave It?

Pinterest marketing doesn’t maintain as high of a profile as Facebook or Twitter, but it could be the right place for your business to grow. Unlike Facebook, which blends video, visuals, text, profiles, and many other elements into one place, Pinterest is more focused. This specialization makes it a potent platform for marketing if you use it the right way. There are many myths out there that steer businesses away from Pinterest, but these myth busters may have you rethinking your plan.

Myth: One More Platform, One More Headache (more…)

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