Local SEO Services

Local Website Optimization

Today, your business’s visibility in the major search engines can determine your traffic and sales. We offer exclusive search ranking strategies to provide search engines with clear, accurate information about your business.

Our local SEO services provide:

  • Optimization for local searches to strengthen your reach within your target area

  • Local content marketing to draw in more customers within your area

  • Optimization for local maps to make your business highly visible in Google Maps

Local and Industry-Specific Link Building

Local SEO hinges on effective link building within your service area and industry. While all businesses can benefit from a local SEO campaign, companies with physical locations are especially well-suited to this type of digital marketing.

At BestEdge SEM, we work to heighten your visibility above that of your local competitors by:

  • Establishing a trusted reputation for your business within your community

  • Building reliable citations for your business on the most highly-regarded business listing platforms

  • Seeking out link building opportunities from the most respected websites in your industry

Trusted Local SEO Services from BestEdge

With our specialized understanding of SEO, we can use proven techniques to boost your website’s rank in local markets. We’ll help you increase your exposure in your service area and become a trusted name in your community.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation in local SEO for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

We don’t sell packages or cookie cutter marketing plans. Everything is customized per client based on a conversation. 

Our experience speaks volumes. Ask our current partners. We have over 30 years of experience, and have been in business for over 10 years with clients across the country. 

It depends. I know, not the answer you want to hear but every business is different. Factors include your website, previous marketing, geography and competition in your space.

Yes, probably. We work with clients across a wide spectrum of industries. From large manufacturers and prestigious law firms, to health practices and small local businesses, we do it all. 

Let’s schedule a call to discuss your business and go from there. We can get started as soon as we have a clear understanding of your business objectives. (727) 278-6295

Yes. Unlike most marketing agencies, we have clients ranking at the top of Google right now that we can show you. We also design and develop beautiful websites that convert into leads.

It depends on what your business does, where it’s located and what the competition looks like. We craft custom tailored proposals after having a conversation about your objectives.

No. If any company locks you into a contract they likely have poor support and don’t achieve much. We earn our keep each month with no long term contracts, just month to month agreements.

We don’t work with clients that are not interested in growing and becoming long term partners. We only want to work with businesses that want to grow in their space. 

Yeah, of course. Let’s have a conversation and see if you’re a good fit. Once we learn a little bit about your company we’ll craft a custom proposal with pricing, references and services provided.