Local Listings Management

When your business appears in directories, can you be sure that the name, address, and phone numbers are accurate? At BestEdge SEM, we have the tools to expertly manage your business listings to boost your success in local searches.

Local Listings Management for SEO

The goal of local listings management is to ensure accurate contact information for your business across local listings directories. It’s the first step in implementing a local search engine optimization strategy, as search engines need to be able to find and identify you easily.

SEO is our specialty at BestEdge SEM, and we know how to provide exceptional local listings management to increase your visibility as a business.

Our Local Listings Process

A lot goes into successful local listings management, and we’re sure to cover all of the bases. When you enlist our services, we’ll take the following steps to boost your company’s local profile:

Ensure accurate NAP data
across all platforms

Having consistent NAP data (name, address, and phone number) across all online platforms will improve your standing in search listings while bolstering your brand’s authority. Our experienced SEO team will ensure that your business’s online listings are all accurate and complete.

Claim citations from major portals
and directories

Building an authoritative image in your community is critical in building trust among consumers. We’ll bolster your company image by claiming citations from major portals and local directories. Taking this step will also give you an edge against competitors in search engine rankings.

Utilize Google My Business

We’ll set you up with Google My Business so that local customers can easily find your company. Through Google My Business, we can ensure that your business is listed accurately on Google Search, Google Maps, and Google +. Since Google is the fastest and easiest way for consumers to find what they need, having strong Google presence is key in local listings management.

Comprehensive Local Listings Management

BestEdge SEM offers comprehensive local listings management. Our services will boost the success of your business’s SEO strategy for heightened sales and a strong brand image.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation for local listings management.

Frequently Asked Questions

We don’t sell packages or cookie cutter marketing plans. Everything is customized per client based on a conversation. 

Our experience speaks volumes. Ask our current partners. We have over 30 years of experience, and have been in business for over 10 years with clients across the country. 

It depends. I know, not the answer you want to hear but every business is different. Factors include your website, previous marketing, geography and competition in your space.

Yes, probably. We work with clients across a wide spectrum of industries. From large manufacturers and prestigious law firms, to health practices and small local businesses, we do it all. 

Let’s schedule a call to discuss your business and go from there. We can get started as soon as we have a clear understanding of your business objectives. (727) 278-6295

Yes. Unlike most marketing agencies, we have clients ranking at the top of Google right now that we can show you. We also design and develop beautiful websites that convert into leads.

It depends on what your business does, where it’s located and what the competition looks like. We craft custom tailored proposals after having a conversation about your objectives.

No. If any company locks you into a contract they likely have poor support and don’t achieve much. We earn our keep each month with no long term contracts, just month to month agreements.

We don’t work with clients that are not interested in growing and becoming long term partners. We only want to work with businesses that want to grow in their space. 

Yeah, of course. Let’s have a conversation and see if you’re a good fit. Once we learn a little bit about your company we’ll craft a custom proposal with pricing, references and services provided.