It’s Never Too Early to Prepare Holiday Marketing

It may feel like back-to-school time right now, but before you blink it will be Halloween, then Thanksgiving, and finally the winter holiday season will draw near. While the long holiday stretch between October and New Years is rewarding for the celebrations that occur between friends and family, it’s also a critical time for businesses to leverage their best online marketing materials. If you properly leverage the holiday feelings of gratitude, friendship, love, and interconnectedness, you can forge deeper bonds with your customers, support your brand, and watch your profit margins soar.

Dig Into Major Emotions

Decision making, while often based in logic, is also heavily swayed by emotions. The holidays inspire a range of emotions and desires, from helping others and connecting with family members to self-improvement and celebration. If you base your media campaigns on those emotions, your audience is sure to respond. Think big with visuals, videos, live feeds, and relevant written content.

Make Your Campaign Easy to Share

It’s every company’s dream to create content that goes viral, and you can make that dream a reality for your business. Take special care to make your online presence very easy to share into cyberspace. Craft engaging tweets that others are sure to share, add social icons into your emails, keep your website and social media sites interconnected, and keep YouTube as the hub for all of your videos. Your online marketing is like a web, so keep the links strong.

Involve Your Staff

Most companies don’t reach any higher than an 8 percent overlap between company social networks and employees. It’s so important to keep your staff members involved in your company’s marketing campaigns, both for business moral and campaign effectiveness. Brainstorm creative ways to involve your staff in your holiday marketing plans, like breaking them into teams to craft wacky videos that will be loaded onto Facebook.

With just a bit of preparation and attention to detail, you’ll feel ready to capitalize on the holiday rush.