Use This SEO Checklist for Superior Website Optimization

Why spend the time, money, and effort on having a website if it isn’t fully optimized to represent everything your business has to offer? A high-performance website is the first step to achieving top rankings in search engines, boosting your marketing ROI, and converting even more visitors into returning customers.

Step One: Utilize All Avenues of Analysis

Analysis gives you all the information you need to proceed with informed decisions, especially website and competitive analysis. Website analysis of keywords, visible text, and code will determine how easily search engines can find your website. Competitive analysis, meanwhile, will take a close look at the content keywords and current search engine rankings of your closest competitors. Are they using effective strategies that place them ahead of you? Analysis will give you the answers and help you identify how to proceed to strengthen your own online presence. (more…)

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The Secret to Increasing Web Traffic

In the complex and infinite world of the Internet, everything boils down to one simple goal: increasing web traffic. The more online viewers you can engage, the more they will visit your website and social media pages, and the more their attention will convert into repeated purchases. But achieving this requires much more than watered-down effort. It requires the Combination Effect!

What Is the Combination Effect?

The Combination Effect is better known as online marketing. The formal definition of online marketing varies based on the source, but all definitions summarize the same concepts. Online marketing is a set of strategies, tools, and methodologies used to promote the products and services of your business through the Internet. (more…)

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3 Marketing Secrets Your Medical Practice Needs to Know

In today’s world, finding success as a doctor requires more than being a skilled clinician. The intense competition throughout the medical industry demands savvy entrepreneurship as well. If you want to leave your competitors in the dust, consider adopting these four marketing strategies for your own practice.

Your Website Matters… And It Needs a Blog

Google has become the first doctor that patients turn to when they need a medical question answered. From What are the red bumps on my newborn’s face? to What is recovery like for breast augmentation?, people rely upon the giant search engine to identify websites that have the most accurate and comprehensive answers. One of the most essential components of your marketing plan is to develop a website that gives your practice an opportunity to answer those questions, not WebMD. A blog is a necessary part of this plan, because it gives you an outlet to write about topics of importance and have them featured on your website. (more…)

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