It’s Never Too Early to Prepare Holiday Marketing

It may feel like back-to-school time right now, but before you blink it will be Halloween, then Thanksgiving, and finally the winter holiday season will draw near. While the long holiday stretch between October and New Years is rewarding for the celebrations that occur between friends and family, it’s also a critical time for businesses to leverage their best online marketing materials. If you properly leverage the holiday feelings of gratitude, friendship, love, and interconnectedness, you can forge deeper bonds with your customers, support your brand, and watch your profit margins soar. (more…)

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Everything You Never Knew about Medical SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) didn’t even exist 30 years ago, but it has now become the leading online force behind business success. SEO can be defined as the technical and creative elements necessary to improve your website’s search engine rankings, drive more traffic to your site, and turn visitors into paying customers. Whether you are a plastic surgeon, cosmetic expert, dentist, cardiologist, or other medical professional, your practice cannot reach its full potential without strategic SEO. (more…)

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Your Marketing Will Sink in Quicksand without This One Thing

What do working relationships, romantic relationships, and marketing all have in common? They require trust to function properly. Just like a marriage cannot thrive when two partners do not trust each other, a business cannot effectively reach their target consumers when their credibility is tarnished or simply not yet developed. Rather than trying to directly sell products and services, businesses of all kinds benefit immensely from cultivating a relationship of mutual trust with their customer base. This trust, in the words of college basketball coach Bill Carmody, “transforms the relationship from one of buyer and seller to the preferred position of subject matter expert and interested party.” (more…)

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