Pinterest Marketing: Love It or Leave It?

Pinterest marketing doesn’t maintain as high of a profile as Facebook or Twitter, but it could be the right place for your business to grow. Unlike Facebook, which blends video, visuals, text, profiles, and many other elements into one place, Pinterest is more focused. This specialization makes it a potent platform for marketing if you use it the right way. There are many myths out there that steer businesses away from Pinterest, but these myth busters may have you rethinking your plan.

Myth: One More Platform, One More Headache

Believe it or not, Pinterest is an incredibly easy platform to use, because you can simply repost your content that already exists in other sources. All of the pictures and posts from your Facebook and Twitter accounts can be placed into your Twitter board to reach a new audience. If you don’t have the time to make your own content, you can re-pin ideas from other Pinterest users. With Pinterest, the importance isn’t necessarily in reinventing the wheel for your own benefit, but rather pinning pictures and ideas that will connect with your target audience and help them view you as a trusted expert.

Myth: Pinterest is Only For Women

Sure, many categories on Pinterest are geared toward female topics like wedding planning and makeup, but there are more than 20 million men on the platform as well. Regardless of your target audience, Pinterest can help you. Lowe’s is a great example. The company has a 3.4 million following on Pinterest because it shares theme-specific content that Lowe’s customers, male and female alike, find valuable for their own home improvement projects.

Myth: Pinterest Has No Real Business Value

False! Pinterest users have become very active online shoppers and actually spend more money and time on online shopping than users on other social networks. Pinterest also has new advertising opportunities that they just rolled out in the spring. Small local business and corporate giants alike can capitalize on the business value of Pinterest.