How to Improve Your Web Design

web designHow your website is designed, everything from fonts, colors, images, and layout, can quickly mean the difference between having a successful online presence and an attempt that crashes and burns. Use the following website design tips to ensure your website draws consumers in rather than turns them away.

Website Design Tips

  • Design a polished and professional logo—Your logo is essential to your brand and your internet marketing strategy. It is a good rule of thumb to use a high-resolution image positioned in the upper-left corner of every page on your website, all of which should link back to your homepage.
  • Declutter—You do not want to visually overload your visitors. In proper website design, you want to keep your paragraphs short as well as your images and links to a minimum.
  • Strategically use color—Learning to strategically use color is a crucial part of website design so you must pay close attention to it. When choosing colors for your website design you need to choose a color palette that goes great with your logo and is consistent with all of your other marketing materials. For example, a neutral color palette projects a clean, modern, and elegant image. Small dashes of bright colors in places like headlines or in graphics add a fun edge to your website design.
  • Choose fonts wisely—You want to choose fonts that are easy to read no matter where the consumer is accessing your website from (computer, smartphone, etc.). Universal fonts like Times New Roman, Ariel, or Helvetica are usually a good choice.


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