Three Components Every Medical Website Needs

The medical industry today is barely recognizable from the medical industry just 50 years ago. More than ever before, American consumers can tackle their medical needs the same way they can an online shopping list. Head to Google, type in a quick search term, and viola: all doctors in a 15 mile radius appear. With the ability for consumers to compare and contrast potential medical options so easily, it is more critical than ever for your own medical practice to create a website that looks sleek and modern, conveys a sense of credibility, and offers all the information that a future patient could possibly need.

With this said, your medical website is far more than a billboard that advertises your name and phone number. It must be created strategically to capture as much lasting attention as possible. There are certain elements like professional pictures, complete and accurate practice information, and a well-organized menu that you should already have down to a science. It’s the extras, the website features that go above and beyond, that will really help to launch your website to the next level.

Patient Login

Just like you can head to Amazon and access all of your account information, order history, and favorite products, patients now expect the same simple accessibility from their doctors. Offer a patient login center on your website so your patients and potential patients know they can find the information most important to them without waiting on hold or dealing with the fax machine.

Live Interaction

Live chat and video consultations may seem like a lofty goal, but plenty of medical practices now offer at least one of those options when visitors land on their sites. We live in a world of immediate gratification, and that sentiment has expanded to business practices. You are more likely to maintain patients when they know you have their backs at any given moment.


People want to know that the doctor they choose has helped many patients in the past, so provide true and authentic reviews from previous patients and providers. A few simple written reviews with positive words can work wonders for helping to establish your practice’s positive reputation.