Why choose Best Edge SEM, Inc. as your Internet / SEO marketing partner?


We specialize in medical and legal Internet marketing. Medical and Legal Internet / SEO marketing is a specialty that requires outstanding writing skills and forethought, which is why we employ actual Ph.D’s as our writers on staff. Our team is experienced at delivering the high quality marketing and reporting that is required for all of our clients.


At Best Edge SEM, Inc. we don’t outsource any of our marketing to an inexpensive third party in a third world country like our competitors. We recognize the importance of hiring our own writers and SEO practitioners, which is why all of our staff is in-house. We train our staff on our marketing philosophy and high standards and they execute accordingly assuring proper best practices in everything we do.


Best Edge SEM provides the highest level in customer service to all our clients. Our clients appreciate this fact. Our 24/7/365 customer support is always open for business! We meet with our clients personally on a regular basis to discuss tactical strategy going forward and schedule phone call meetings frequently. This approach allows our clients to communicate important changes in their business to insure the best possible representation and rankings on the Internet. We always make ourselves available to our clients 100% of the time. Before you consider being a client at Best Edge SEM we welcome you to talk with our current clients and ask them anything you want, do your due diligence!


Best Edge SEM has one of the best track records by far in our industry. We are one of the largest Internet marketing / SEO companies headquartered in Tampa Bay. We have hundreds of long term nationwide clients that you probably already know! All our clients are the most dominant on the Internet and winning the lion’s share of leads. Our clients are happy to talk with you about their experience and track record as our partner. The proof is all there so please do your due diligence before making your best decision to let us be your Internet marketing partner.


Best Edge SEM’s philosophy is simple but unique for this business. Our rates reflect long term partnerships. We don’t charge or gouge our clients for continuing website edits or website hosting like other Internet marketing companies do. We have a set monthly rate and we don’t surprise our clients with additional charges that could easily throw their monthly budgets out of whack. When our clients compare our rates with any other company – we win every time! Once we meet with you and get a better understanding of your marketing objectives, we will then deliver to you a tailored detailed proposal.

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