Use This SEO Checklist for Superior Website Optimization

Why spend the time, money, and effort on having a website if it isn’t fully optimized to represent everything your business has to offer? A high-performance website is the first step to achieving top rankings in search engines, boosting your marketing ROI, and converting even more visitors into returning customers.

Step One: Utilize All Avenues of Analysis

Analysis gives you all the information you need to proceed with informed decisions, especially website and competitive analysis. Website analysis of keywords, visible text, and code will determine how easily search engines can find your website. Competitive analysis, meanwhile, will take a close look at the content keywords and current search engine rankings of your closest competitors. Are they using effective strategies that place them ahead of you? Analysis will give you the answers and help you identify how to proceed to strengthen your own online presence.

Step Two: Complete Comprehensive Keyword Research and Development

Begin step two by developing a list of targeted search terms most frequently used by your customer base and market segment. Use that list to identify the most important keywords and phrases and use them consistently in all of your content. Check your rankings once a week to watch your progress.

Step Three: Enhance Your Content

There are many different enhancements you can make to your website content in order to improve its SEO. Create page titles that are directly based on keywords, write meta tag descriptions that influence click-throughs by catching viewer attention, and place strategic search phrases throughout your pages. One to three keywords or phrases per content page is ideal.  

Step Four: Stay Informed With Continual Testing and Measuring

You wouldn’t put a cake in the oven to bake and never return to check on it and take it out. Likewise, you shouldn’t work so hard to improve your SEO and fail to monitor your website’s progress. Analyze your search engine rankings and web traffic to measure how effective your changes have been, and use this information to guide your adjustments.

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