If You’re Not Already Using These Free Social Media Tools, Start Now

Social media has become a global phenomenon. From the humble beginnings of AOL Instant Messenger and MySpace, an incredibly sophisticated web of social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, Pinterest, and Instagram have formed. Of course, these platforms aren’t just for personal use; businesses regularly capitalize on everything that social media sites have to offer in order to build their customer bases, strengthen brand identities, and extend their following.

In the United States alone, experts expect social media spending to top $17 billion in 2019. This makes sense, considering that nearly 70 percent of publication editors base content success on the number of social shares a specific piece earns. Given all of this, utilizing social media for its full value can significantly benefit for your business. Best of all, you can take advantage of your favorite social media platforms without spending a cent.

Use Your Facebook Insights

When you launch a business page on Facebook, which is still the most popular platform for sharing and interacting with content, Facebook automatically provides insights that help you track important metrics regarding your page performance. For example, you can identify exactly how many engagements each of your posts receive, what times your target audience members tend to get onto Facebook, and so much more. Paying careful attention to your insights will help you fine-tune your Facebook behavior to capture as much traffic as possible.

Try Social Mention

If you want or need to know what others are saying about your business, all you need to do is use Social Mention. Simply enter your company’s name into the free search tool and you can discover all of the mentions and social interactions occurring with your business. This is incredibly valuable, because you can discover the positive and the negative, identify the reach of each post, and see which hashtags are being associated with your company. Social Mention will help you determine whether you need to begin damage control or whether you’ve achieved success.

Since you already have your hands full running your own business, it’s best to let a professional company handle your social media presence. Best Edge SEM, Tampa’s premier SEO company that specializes in medical practice and law firm Internet marketing strategies, can help you maximize your use of social media with the most current and effective social tools. Give Best Edge SEM a call at (813) 321-5695 to learn more.