Yes, Republishing Old Blog Content Can Pay Off

The Pareto principle is a centuries-old concept, but it now has new relevance in today’s business world. Back in 1896, Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto was working at the University of Lausanne and noted an interesting pattern around him. Not only was 80 percent of Italy’s land owned by 20 percent of the population, but 80 percent of the peas in his garden were contained in only 20 percent of the peapods.

Since then, management consultant Joseph Juran formalized this 80/20 principle by naming it after Pareto. When applied to business, the Pareto Principle indicates that 80 percent of sales come from 20 percent of customers, and 80 percent of results stem from 20 percent of efforts. This is a very important concept to keep in mind when evaluating the usefulness of older, previously published website content.

According to the Pareto Principle, 80 percent of your website traffic will be garnered by 20 percent of the blogs, articles, and content on your site. Rather than breaking your back to create a new 20 percent of content every month, there is no shame in revisiting old blogs that have proven successful in the past. In fact, it’s a strategic and productive tactic!

The Art of Republishing

Using your analytics, identify which of your published content has generated strong, consistent traffic. Your goal is to uncover that 20 percent of content that has provided you with 80 percent of your web visitors. After updating any information that might have become outdated since the original publication date, you simply republish the blog to show a new date. This maintains the same URL but still pushes the blog out as fresh content to readers.

This habit of republishing has a number of benefits. First, it will ensure that readers who find your article through Google are accessing accurate, current information. It reflects poorly on your business if your older content is still getting free traffic through Google but providing outdated information. By keeping your content relevant and republishing the most popular blogs, you will also generate more shares and links, which in turn boosts your chances of being listed in the first page of Google search results.

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