What’s the Difference between Website Design and Development?

To anybody not in the industry, website design and development sound pretty interchangeable, but they are actually two distinct jobs requiring differing skill sets. It’s important to understand the difference as you seek professional help to bring your business website to its full potential.

Website developers are the builders. They use coding (which looks like gobbledygook to anybody not trained in the area!) make a website exist to certain specifications. Even if you have no idea how to work with them, you may recognize a few coding languages like HTML and CSS. Developers use the HTML and CDD to structure the inner workings of a web page. Think of it as a left-brained job involving logical and technical thinking.

Website designers, on the other hand, are the right-brained geniuses and the architects that choose the look and feel of a site using visual arts expertise. Design includes elements like color, graphics, and organization of information. A website with strong design will ensure the viewer has a great experience during his visit. Designers consider the small details that a standard web user takes for granted like balance, contract, emphasis, consistency, and layout.

Both design and development are vital for a functioning website. The development comes first so that the page exists with a clear structure, and then the design occurs to customize the page to the owner’s specifications. Web development typically requires a degree, as development concepts are complex, technical, and difficult to master without formal training. Web design, on the other hand, can be mastered through extensive experience and an impressive portfolio.

Web companies are now blending design and development to offer both services in the same place. This is great for you as the consumer because it simplifies your website building process and lowers your costs.