Website Design Tips You Don’t Want to Miss

The design of your website can make or break your customer’s experience and likelihood of returning for business. Gone are the days of flashing banners and in-your-face-colors. Today’s websites are expected to be sleek, user-friendly, and compatible to the multiple types of devices potentially connected for use. Remember these simple design tips when you work with your website design team to ensure a website that becomes a bookmark, not a forgotten link.

Simplify. This can be hard to do, but simplicity is powerful. Too much of a good thing can have the opposite effect, after all. Start by making sure that the main focus of your website becomes clear immediately upon entering your site. Then trim down any pages that aren’t necessary to convey your information. It’s best to keep your website clearly organized and facilitate simple navigation. Simplicity also counts with color. Pick a main color scheme and keep to your theme for subtle consistency your viewers will appreciate.

Be Mobile Friendly. More and more website users are visiting your website from their mobile phones, not their computers! It’s vital that your website is compatible with mobile phones. If a potential customer can’t load your page due to a malfunctioning plug-in or lack of formatted text, you’ve probably lost that customer for good.

Make Contact Information a Priority. It’s always frustrating to search through every link on a website in an effort to find a phone number or address. Include your company’s contact information not only in your About Us section, but also somewhere on your main page. The header and footer are great places to keep this information in plain view for easy accessibility.

Create With the 5 Second Rule in Mind. Studies show that most customers take only five seconds on a website to determine whether they will stay or try a different page. In those five seconds your website needs to inform, impress, and make a statement. Include compelling language, aesthetically pleasing visuals and colors, and concise information to improve the chances of retaining viewers.

Entrust your website with a design company that knows all of these tricks, and many more, to craft your website into its best form.