Tricks of the Trade to Boost Organic Facebook Reach

Any business owner knows that Facebook is an invaluable tool for connecting with local communities and larger demographics alike, but the mega social media platform doesn’t always make it easy for businesses to succeed. Once Facebook realized the incredible potential for capitalizing on the desires of businesses to market on their site, they started charging to “Boost” posts to more viewer. While effective, boosting is also costly. If you want to get the most out of Facebook without stretching your budget, these tricks can help you improve your organic Facebook reach without spending a dollar.

Engagement is Key

When it comes to Facebook, it’s not enough for a viewer to simply read and appreciate your most, then move on. While that’s an important component, your overall goal is to encourage as many people as possible to actively engage with your post by sharing it, commenting on it, and liking it. So it may seem obvious to say this, but always doubleand triplecheck to ensure your posts are worthy of engagement. Before posting anything, ask yourself, “Why would someone from my target demographic want to share this post with his or her networks?” Engagement happens for a number of reasonsperhaps it’s educational, hilarious, a tear-jerker, or just simply coolso be sure your post falls into one of those categories.

Craft Posts that Require Engagement by Nature

Questions, polls, and contests automatically encourage engagement, especially if you’re giving something away! A question doesn’t even have to be sophisticated to garner attention. If it’s Thanksgiving time, ask your Facebook followers what their plans are for the holiday, or take a poll of the number of people cooking at home compared to eating out. It may not relate directly to your business, but it helps you build a relationship with your audience, which is equally important. Or create a contest by asking your followers to upload a picture of their best dressed turkey, and award the winner with a gift card to your business.

It’s also productive to utilize humor, take advantage of trending topics, and harness the incredible power of video and Facebook Live Video to build your organic Facebook results.