The 3 Most Important Mobile Optimization Strategies for Your Website in 2018

The purpose of the Internet has evolved significantly over the past ten years, and as a result the purpose and function of websites have changed as well. Everything now revolves around the user experience (UX). Given that most Internet users keep their smartphones glued to their hands 90 percent of the day, a large portion of optimizing user experience on the Internet now takes place on mobile platforms.

Smartphones sustain life as we know it, but they come with three severe limitations compared to standard computers. Their screen sizes are smaller, their network speed and performance are limited, and they cater to goal-directed Internet users more efficiently than casual web surfers.

As a result, it has become an absolute necessity for companies to put their websites through mobile optimization. By catering to the constraints of smartphone technology while still focusing on giving smartphone Internet users the best experience possible, your business can be sure to create a compelling mobile site that encourages high traffic rates. Remember, a well-optimized mobile site will boost your SEO as well!  

Strip Your Mobile Site Down to the Essentials

The best mobile sites are effortless to use. They are direct, organized, and simple. You should follow this example by stripping down your Responsive Web Design (RWD) to its bare minimum. Prioritize content that targets your users’ main purpose and limit the content on each page. This type of streamlining will make it more appealing for visitors to continue using your site, rather than backtracking to Google to find a site capable of meeting their needs.

Minimize Load Time

In our fast-paced world, very few customers will wait even 15 seconds while your site loads. If it isn’t done in a few seconds, those customers are leaving for a better site. This contributes to a bounce rate that will ding your SEO and cause you to suffer the loss of potential leads. Optimize your mobile site’s load time by reducing image sizes and compressing videos.

Make Interface Actions Smooth and Effortless

The buttons that you offer – and where you offer them – can make or break your mobile site. Your buttons and icons should give your customers fast, simple, and direct action choices. If they don’t, you will lose immeasurable opportunities to gain new customers. Be sure to offer online chat, social share links, click-to-call, and maps to efficiently meet your visitors’ needs.

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