Social Media Success: Building Brand Awareness and Trust for Your Healthcare Business on Facebook

18459566_sIt’s a common misconception that Facebook is the sole preserve of bored moms and excitable teens, eager to chat online and share their latest photos. However, with over 500 million people now using the social media site, it’s clear that there’s a potentially huge audience for businesses to connect with, and if your company isn’t present on Facebook, you’re really missing out.

In Florida alone, nearly 9 and a half million people use Facebook, (that’s nearly half its entire population!) and, if these figures prove typical across the state, it’s estimated that over 2 million users will be from the Tampa Bay region. What these figures should clearly illustrate is that there are 2 million potential clients available to you, actively using the site on a daily basis; and, most importantly, open to hearing about what your healthcare company has to offer.

How Facebook Can Benefit a Healthcare Business

There are over 25 million companies worldwide using Facebook. However, for healthcare professionals in the Tampa Bay area, the big question is; ‘just how can Facebook benefit my particular business, given the nature of my industry?’

The fact is; Facebook offers considerable benefits to the medical profession in Tampa Bay. Here are just a few excellent reasons why your company should harness the considerable power of Facebook:

1. Build trust with existing customers. Utilized correctly, Facebook can help you to forge great working relationships with existing customers. The nature of the site lends itself well to the provision of information, so it’s an excellent chance for you to portray yourself as an expert, providing useful health tips etc for your followers.

It also provides a good opportunity to talk to users online, to answer questions professionally and effectively and to convey your company in the best possible light.

2. Keep clients informed and up to date on your practice. If your working hours change, or if you take on a new member of staff, it’s important to let your clients know about it. Facebook provides the ideal platform for announcing changes or developments within your business.

3. Spread the word. If you’ve developed a good level of trust with your existing clients, it’s highly likely that they’ll assist you in spreading the word to other people via social media. Post relevant, interesting messages on Facebook, and the likelihood is that some of your followers will share them among their followers, increasing your exposure exponentially.

Using Facebook and Getting Results

It’s important, of course, to make sure that you use Facebook correctly, in order to generate good results. Remember to keep your posts professional at all times, and to make them relevant to healthcare, rather than veering off-topic.

To really get your Facebook campaign off the ground, talk to an expert social media management company, who will be able to create a suitable profile page that best reflects your company, and a social media marketing strategy that generates great results from your Facebook page.