The Secrets of an Effective Press Release

When your business reaches a major milestone or needs to make an important announcement, it might be easy to forget that Facebook and your company’s website aren’t the only two places that you can spread your news. The idea of a press release was created to publicize significant business news, but only a well-written press release will truly serve its purpose. There are a few tactics and strategies to remember when you write your next press release to ensure it garners the most attention possible.

The Basics of a Press Release

Every press release can follow a basic format that leads to success. After an interesting headline, the press release itself should cover the “5 Ws” including who, what, when, where, and why. Limit the publication to one page, two at the very most, because press releases are meant to be succinct and clear, not long-winded. Since a press release is factual, avoid embellishment. Of course, grammar and spelling should be immaculate.

Begin with the Big Story

A press release isn’t a fictional story that can weave and wind for 300 pages until the main event. A press release needs to catch the reader’s attention with the first few words, since it is competing against an infinite number of other texts and articles. Along with the news of your business, work in how your announcement is part of a larger mission that will impact the community, country, or world. This relevance will catch the eyes of large news corporations.

Use Data

A press release can be seen in large part as technical writing, so it makes sense that supporting data should be used to prove the information presented as true. Data can often be the difference maker between a hum-drum press release and an announcement that reinforces the true impact your business is about to have on your market niche. As one business owner explains, “It’s really important to provide data points, because they provide connectivity.”