With Rich Content, Maximizing Distribution is Key

Creating strong and interesting content is simply the first step in boosting your SEO and extending your company’s online footprint. Rich content that lacks distribution is like a musician’s hit song that never gets recorded; while it is undoubtedly great, it never reaches the eyes and ears of its intended audience to serve its purpose. This is exactly why maximizing distribution is a critical SEO strategy for all businesses.

Backlinks are the Backbone

Backlinks are links on the Internet that direct viewers to your site. For example, if a local newspaper publishes an online article about local doctor’s offices, and they mention your practice and supply your website link, that is viewed by Google as a reputable backlink. It proves that sources of online authority are not only aware of your business, but also willing to suggest you as a credible business to the public. This encourages the Google algorithm to rank your site higher in its search results. The more backlinks you can obtain, the higher your Google ranking will soar.

In fact, backlinks are so important that SEO experts suggest that ¾ of all time allotted to content should be utilized searching for distribution, while only ¼ is necessary for writing the content itself. Forging relationships with reputable online sites has many other benefits, so it will be time well spent. For example, a dental practice can develop a distribution strategy that targets health and wellness publications, local newspapers and media outlets, dental supplies and equipment companies, referral partners, the Chamber of Commerce, and the Better Business Bureau.

Enjoying the Payoff

The more backlinks your company can establish, the easier it will be to generate connections for new backlinks. Google wants to see websites staying fresh with their backlinks rather than relying solely on references from two or three years ago. More viewers will see your high quality content and begin to consider your practice as a leading source of credibility in the industry. Better yet, your high Google search rankings will confirm that!