The Keys to Building Backlinks to Your Site

Though backlinks aren’t as flashy and exciting as infographic content and social media videos, they are still a critical element to the success of your company’s search engine optimization. Backlinks are hyperlinks on other websites that link into your site. Imagine that you are a florist, and every wedding planner in the area listed you as a vendor on their website and provided a link to your own website. That’s SEO gold right there, since search engines heavily consider backlinks as an indication of your legitimacy and relevance in the community. So how can you build backlinks when you aren’t in control of other people’s websites? These tips should help.

Find Broken Links On Your Own

Google Chrome has a handy plugin called Check my Links that allows you to easily find broken links on any pages relating to your business niche. Just find websites that relate to your industry, like floral arrangements, and then identify all of the links that send you to an error page. You can contact the webmaster to kindly indicate the broken links and then take a minute to explain your business and suggest your website to replace the broken link. Since you’re doing the webmaster a favor, you have a strong probability of earning a few backlinks.

Guest Articles

You know that it’s important to include blogs on your own website, but don’t forget about the power of guest blogging. When you publish your content on other popular websites, you automatically earn new readers, more exposure, and at least one backlink. It’s a simple way to not only improve your SEO but also strengthen your online reputation, brand, and followers. As you develop relationships with other bloggers, you might earn yourself a regular guest spot, which will work wonders for your SEO.

Wrangle an Interview or Two

Interviews with local newspapers and news channels, or even with relevant magazines, will definitely earn you great backlinks to your website. You may need to generate your own interview invitations at the beginning, but once it becomes clear that your company is a mainstay in your industry, you’ll have plenty of interview offers to enjoy.