Healthcare Marketing and Twitter

twitterTop Twitter Tweeting Tips: Getting the Most from Twitter for Your Healthcare Business

Twitter is the world’s second most important social media site, with Facebook still currently holding the number one position.

You might be forgiven for thinking that as long as your healthcare company is well represented on Facebook, you don’t need to give Twitter too much time or attention. However, overlooking this site is a significant error of judgment. Used appropriately, Twitter is an excellent way of reaching out to existing clients and generating new business for your company.

Sing while you’re winning: The benefits of tweeting…

A major part of Twitter’s charm is its immediacy and brevity. All tweets posted on Twitter are limited to 140 characters, ensuring that only the salient points are included, without any irrelevant waffle. It’s also fast-paced and exciting.

If you’re actively participating in Twitter conversations, posting links to healthcare related articles (preferably your own informative blog!) and responding to client requests and queries, then you’re interacting and reaching out to your target audience on a whole new level. It’s a highly successful way of driving visitors through to your site, and, if your posts are genuinely interesting, you’re likely to be retweeted by followers, extending your online reach significantly.

Twitter: A quick ‘How To Guide’:

To first-time users, Twitter can be a little overwhelming. Here are a few tips on how to get the best out of your Twitter account:

Keep it interesting. Before starting to post, take the time to read a few existing posts on Twitter. The successful Twitter accounts tend to be those that provide something of genuine interest to their followers, whilst also posting photos, videos and links to relevant articles. Follow their example, and reap the benefits!

Avoid over-selling. Of course, your primary function on Twitter is to increase revenue and drive people through to your healthcare site. However, if there’s one thing that disenfranchises a Twitter follower in double-quick time, it’s continual ‘sales-related’ tweeting. Aim to promote your business in about a third of your posts as an absolute maximum. The rest of the time, stick to providing something of real interest that relates to healthcare.

Keep it professional. Twitter is a fun, fast-paced form of social media, but it’s important to remember that you’re using the site as a business, not as an individual. Keep posts friendly, but maintain a sense of professionalism at all times.

Respond to messages. If someone contacts you via a tweet or through the private messaging function, it’s important to respond, particularly if they are inquiring about your services. Lack of response will swiftly deter even the keenest potential customer from using your healthcare practice.

If you want to achieve significant results on Twitter, without taking on the extra workload (which can be fairly substantial) then talk to a Tampa Bay based social media development expert. They’ll take on the responsibility of running your Twitter account on your behalf, and create a focused, results-driven social media strategy to ensure that Twitter is working to optimum effect for your healthcare business.