What to Expect from a Web Developer

Web development is a highly specialized field that takes different technologies into account. But at its very core, web development is primarily about creating a website that does what it is supposed to do. What most people do not realize is that there is a huge difference between a web designer and web developer. Even though their roles may overlap one another, they are not the same. That being said, here is what you can expect from a web developer.

Plan the Functionality and Design of a Website

A web developer does not actually start writing the code for your website right away. After hiring a web developer, there is a lot of analysis and planning that needs to be taken care of. Obviously you would want your site to function in a specific way and this needs to be relayed to the web developer for effective results. At this stage, a web developer will ensure their designs meet your expectations and requirements.

Create Business Logic

After completing the analysis and planning stage, the developer will begin working on the website. This means they may even have to work with client and server based technologies like HTML, CSS, .NET and PHP. A web developer will be proficient with the many different technologies available at the time. It is highly unlikely for such a developer to specialize in only one field or aspect of these technologies.

Implementing Web Design

After developing the website, a developer’s job is not just done yet. There is plenty more to do as the website still need to be implemented. The developer will need to work with web designers at this stage in order to bring the website to life.

Rigorous Testing

Testing is the most neglected and important part of the web development process. A single error can do a lot of damage if a website is launched without being thoroughly checked. The client will be at the risk of losing money and even their credibility, which is why the site needs to be monitored and tested for errors.

Now that you know what is to be expected of a web designer, you will know how to find the right for your website. However, you should do your homework beforehand to know what you are getting yourself into because after all you are going to invest in a website of your own.