Effective Internet Marketing is All About Effective Branding

There are many ways to define internet marketing. Unfortunately, so many people keep mentioning the phrase “internet marketing” that it has become confusing. It has reached a point where spam-based systems are lumped together with very ethical and value-driven systems. The reality of effective internet marketing is that whatever you do, you must build credibility. Whatever you do in internet marketing implementations and strategies, you have to build authority and the best way to do all these is, of course, to build an effective brand. This is how you can separate internet marketing companies that actually know what they’re doing with internet marketing companies that are actually just using tired, worn-out and outright spammy techniques. I’m sorry to break this to you, but if you’re going to use spam-based techniques, in this day and age, chances are, Google will penalize you. Even if you are not relying on search engine traffic, the use of non-spam-based techniques will only end up with you wasting time, effort and energy instead of getting great results.

Why Brands Matter

Brands matter because you don’t develop a brand overnight. Brands don’t fall out of the sky; brands don’t just land on your lap. Brands are established if you become credible. Brands are based on influence and perceived value. In other words, brands are trusted. And this is extremely important because when you develop solid bedrock of trust around your online brand, a lot more things are possible for you.

Brands Are Not Built Overnight

The main reason why effective internet marketing is focused on effective branding is the fact that brands took a lot of work to develop. Brands took so much work that they make things much easier because of the previous work that you did. If this seems unclear, keep reading below.

Trust Is the Bedrock of Solid Brands

As I’ve mentioned before, you can only establish a solid brand if it has enough trust in it. In other words, you have shared enough content, you have helped enough people, and you’ve added enough value to the lives of people following your brand that they can trust you easily.  The more they trust you, the more solid your brand becomes. I hope this is clear. Trust is the bedrock of solid brands because solid brands can help you convert. If you don’t build a solid brand, there’s not much trust there. Without much trust, it leads to all sorts of problems.

Trust Is the Key to Conversions

Why is a low-trust brand not worth doing or not worth pursuing? Well, if you want to sell something online, people have to trust you. For people to trust you, you have to give them reasons to trust you. I hope this is simple and straightforward. These are precisely the kind of signals solid brands give out. Brands communicate to your prospect that you are credible. Brands communicate to your potential buyer that they can trust you. When they get these signals, and the signals are clear, is it more likely for the prospect to buy from you. It becomes more likely that they would convert.

Trust Is the Key to True Viral Branding

In addition to actually turning your traffic into cold-hard dollars in your pocket, solid online brand also helps spread the word about your website. Again, it all boils down to trust. Would you share the word about an online brand that you think is sketchy, shady and downright unethical? Probably not, because it would make you look like a scumbag in front of your friends. Instead, you would be more likely to share the word about an online brand that you feel you can trust. Not only would you be doing your friends a big favor, but sharing a trust-worthy brand with them makes you look better in their eyes.