Common Medical Marketing Mistakes

Nearly every business in the world understands the need for a website with social media interfaces in order to have the slightest chance at making a mark against the competition.

Yet, somewhere in the neighborhood of 87% of local businesses on the web make these common mistakes in the content that they place on their pages which results in wasted space and no uptick in consistent followers. 

Talking About Yourself and Your Business

Realizing that you want to spotlight your business, when your content is 95% about your business, services, products and the big “you”, you failed.

No one wants to watch infomercials every day. And no one wants to read articles that advertise “you”.

Besides that, you’ve missed the entire point of what type of content gets visitors to stay and look around your site just to see what else there is. The bottom line is that not even the President of the United States is THAT interesting.

Mundane and Pedestrian Content

Let’s put it this way: Would you watch a show on television where the speakers were monotonous and discussed the chicken that their neighbors had for dinner last night?

Neither would visitors that land on your site. If your content fails to be entertaining, educational or newsworthy, kiss those visitors goodbye because they’ll never be back again no matter what you do.

The Professor Speaks

There is only one single instance in which this is an appropriate style for the content that you place on your site or social pages – when your customers and target audience is industry professionals.

For most medical marketing purposes, this is rarely the case.

Visitors are usually the normal, everyday person that you are more likely to meet in the grocery store than in an industry convention.

Using Medical Marketing Effectively

Know who your target audience is and speak to them in the language that they understand and appreciate. Up next, present them with the information that you would expect from a hit variety show or the mysteries that lead to discovering something that is typical of a great detective novel.

Educate them, warn them, inform them, make them laugh, make them cry and more importantly, make them always feel something.