Boost Mobile App Engagement with These Strategies

Despite being such a new trend, mobile apps have become absolutely integral to our modern technology-based society. Smartphone applications for email, social media, pictures, news, and so much more make it possible for cell phone users to handle all of their personal matters directly on their mobile phones.

If your business has developed an app, then you’ve already experienced a great deal of the stress  involved with developing and designing the app, studying user experience, marketing to target demographics, and having it accepted into the market. You might thing that the hardest work is over, but it is really only beginning. All of your efforts and dedication won’t go far if you can’t drive and maintain mobile app engagement.

Utilize Push Notifications

You definitely want to allow your app users to “opt-in” for push notifications. While opt-in rates vary based on industry, with ridesharing apps at the top, it’s still important to provide the opportunity. App users are selective about what information they receive from their apps since such an unlimited amount of alerts is possible. Your goal is to create app notifications that provide truly relevant and helpful information so that your app users will continue to opt-in.

If you need to improve your opt-in rates, remember that your app absolutely needs an attractive and concise landing page to help users understand its purpose, function, and appeal. Once you engage users in app activities that they find pertinent to their own lives, they are much more likely to agree to opt-in to alerts when prompted.

Support Social Sharing

When your users achieve certain goals within your app, they will probably be eager to share their progress with the rest of their social media friends. Help your users instantly share on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social platforms. The more that your users share, the more likely it is that their social friends will seek your app out as well!

With concerted and purposeful effort, you can transform your app from the minor leagues to the major leagues.