The Best and Easiest Strategies to Boost Your Email Sign Ups

Email is no longer a cutting-edge technology, but it still remains an integral part of our daily communications. Consider how many websites and companies you have subscribed to in order to stay updated with important information and receive deals and discounts. Most people receive exponentially more marketing emails per day than emails from friends, family members, and colleagues.

This is because email is like the funnel of the Internet marketing world. It casts a wide net over countless target demographics that could potentially be interested in a company’s material. As consumers sign up to be on mailing lists, it gives that company an opportunity to send valuable marketing content that will eventually generate revenue. If your own company utilizes the right strategies, you can boost your email signup rate significantly and begin reaping the benefits.

Build Your Opt-In Page

Though a few select web visitors will manually search out your company’s contact information and ask to receive emails, the majority will be too busy or rushed to do more than hop on and off your page. This is why the email opt-in page is so important. This basic one page prompt offers some type of free gift, like a discount on a first service or a relevant e-book, in exchange for an email address. By automatically prompting every visitor to your website, you will efficiently build your email database.    

Select the Best Bribe

Without offering web visitors something in return for their email address, you will find that your opt-in page won’t generate many results. It is important to select a freebie that relates to the products and services that your company offers. Free ebooks, checklists, videos, mini-courses, and discounts are all popular and successful choices.   

Use Content to Drive Traffic

Of course, all of this revolves around the assumption that web visitors will head to your website to land on your email opt-in page. You need to publish engaging, relevant, and exciting content in your blog and social media platforms in order to drive traffic back to your website. The more that online users share and like your content, the more your site will be shared, and the more that potential customers will arrive at your website.

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