An Introduction to the Call to Action Button

If you ever took a public speaking class in high school or college, you will remember your teacher requiring a call to action at the end of each speech in order to inspire your listeners. The Internet has largely replaced verbal persuasion with visual persuasion, meaning that your call of action now must be effectively ingrained in your company’s website for full impact.

What Is a Call to Action? A website’s call to action encourages users to complete a certain task, whether that is signing up for a newsletter or volunteering time for a charitable cause.  The call to action is so vital because it provides a purpose and focus for your company’s website while simultaneously measuring turnover success. With a call to action button, you can generate leads, improve social media marketing, and promote your company’s upcoming events.

What Does a Call to Action Look Like? Most general web users don’t even know the button they click is a call to action: they just know they are curious and interested! A great example of a call to action can be found on most web products. A music streaming app, for example, may state, “Music for anyone! Download Now.” Behind the text and “Download Now” button may be colors, pictures, patterns, or creative use of white space. There are many, many different design strategies to capture your viewer’s attention with a call to action. Other popular call to action phrases include…

  • Start a free trial today
  • Schedule an appointment
  • Get your free consultation now

How Can I Make My Call to Action Effective? The best and most clicked call to action buttons follow a few simple guidelines.

  • Concise, persuasive, compelling text before the call to action button that makes the viewer truly want your product
  • 5 words or less in the actual call to action button
  • Direct action words used like schedule and download
  • Easy to find with subtly contrasting color theme

Overall, a call to action is a must-have to generate as much success from your website as possible.