A Quick Guide to Developing a Website that Drives Real Traffic

How long does it take a visitor to determine whether your website is worth their time? Mere seconds. In less time than it takes to say your name aloud, savvy web browsers will decide whether to click through your website or return to Google for another option. You must design your website with the ability to deliver a positive first impression, or else you will lose a significant amount of traffic to your bounce rate. In order to design a website that will attract and maintain customers, you should ask yourself these questions and make changes to your site accordingly.

Remove These Faux Pas

In the modern age of the Internet, there are certain design choices that will immediately make visitors suspicious and send them packing back to the Google search results list. Obviously, “stocky” website images, endless content without any paragraph breaks, and complicated animations are just a few of the faux pas you should remove from your page immediately. Replace them with short, powerful sections of content, attractive visuals, clear headings, and strong organization.

Can Your Customers Engage With Your Site?

The information that you will provide to your website viewers is definitely important, but so are the tools that you provide to help customers interact with your business. For example, if you are an eCommerce site, make sure that your web visitors can do more than simply purchase your goods and services. Offer social share and follow buttons, calls-to-action, click-to-call icons, email submission forms, appointment scheduling, and other tools to boost the value of your site.     

Is Your Website Streamlined?

Simple, sleek, and organized websites currently rule cyberspace, and web viewers appreciate landing on a site that can be easily navigated. Many companies have found success by providing a homepage with large pictures and enough text to provide an overview of the main products or services offered. A comprehensive menu allows information to be arranged in an organized manner and separated by topic so customers can efficiently find what they are looking for.

But web design isn’t an art you can learn overnight. If you want to create a stand-out website but don’t have the time to learn a new talent, just connect with Best Edge SEM. The experts at Best Edge will design the website for your medical practice to capture more viewers and earn you more paying clients. Call (813) 321-5695 to learn more today.