American Manufacturers Consider Focusing More On Their Website & SEO In 2023.

Now may be a great time for American manufacturers to re-focus on their company website & SEO. In order to grow significantly or at least ride out this declining economy, manufacturers may want to be aggressive marketers for new buyers and specifiers. There have been tremendous changes in the way the manufacturing business is done since COVID. This recent economy has forced Fortune 1000 buyers and specifiers to acquire new partners and vendors that can meet their new and oftentimes unreasonable demands. New demands such as unreasonable time frames for products and services, extending payments up to six months or longer on invoicing. A few of the unscrupulous have even refused to accept delivery and pay for products ordered because of their disarray. All these types of dealings have led to anything but a stable long-term and trusting partnership like it once was, once upon a time.


Fortune 1000 companies are downsizing, reducing resources and demanding their manufacturing and installation partners carry more of the financial burden. Often smaller American manufacturers are bearing the financial liability by doing business with these Fortune 1000 companies. Smaller manufacturers often must walk away from long term Fortune 1000 partnerships because they can’t stay in business while waiting up to six months or longer to get paid. All manufacturers are still experiencing delays in fragmented supply chains and higher pricing. Many manufacturers are experiencing a decline in long-term relationships with their typical vendors for many of these reasons listed above and must look elsewhere.

In this new paradigm of business comes opportunity. Since American manufacturing partnerships and vendors are changing so is the opportunity for manufacturers to capture new Fortune 1000 partnerships that are far more rewarding and profitable. The big marketing question is; how does a manufacturer aggressively market to a new growing unknown market? Instead of the manufacturer trying to find that needle in a haystack ‘The Buyer’. Why wouldn’t the manufacturer be where ‘The Buyer’ goes most of the time? Where is that? It certainly isn’t at Trade Shows, unless you want to meet your competition! It isn’t in Trade Publications or Directories. It must be the Internet, particularly Google! At least that’s what the research shows.

Often in a down economy a manufacturer (even your competition) may pull back or even ignore their company website and SEO. This would present an opportunity to gain the inside track and rank dominate on your keywords with an up-to-date and ready-to-do business website. Manufacturers doing this strategy enjoy the lion’s share of new buyers and specifiers going to the Internet looking for your products and services. This can only be accomplished through focused efforts on your website and SEO. Finding a new and better website and SEO company can be daunting. Manufacturers that take their time to do the due diligence to discover a better website and SEO partner typically get better results.

Website and SEO companies that specialize in manufacturing and have many years experience with manufacturers are more likely and better equipped to be successful for a manufacturer. A great way of determining a new website and SEO partner is if they have existing long-term successful manufacturing partnerships that you can verify. Best Edge SEM is a proven website and SEO partner to small and medium sized American manufacturers.

Jeffrey DeArmond