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Web Development You Can Trust.

Good web development is easy to spot. It’s when you have a website that “just works.” Everything comes together perfectly. The user experience is seamless. The code works. The design looks great. Most importantly, your metrics work out – you’re generating sales, making conversions and bringing in revenue.

That’s what we’re committed to creating for our clients. We’re here to help you build a website that works exactly the way you want it to.

Custom “From the Ground Up” Websites

Our team is made of a diverse group of web development specialists. Our team has expertise in:

User Experience (UI) Design. What looks good? What makes a website easy to use? How do you make your website “feel” intuitive to use?

Content Direction. What kind of content should you publish? Should it be text or multi-media? How much energy should you put into each category of content?

Programming. We have experienced programmers in just about every major web programming language. Need a website in Ruby on Rails, PHP, AJAX, CGI-Pearl, JavaScript or Flash? Just pick up the phone and give us a call.

Database Development. Our programmers can architect a database that’s both efficient and stable. We build it so it’s easy for future programmers to use.

Website Design. We’ll help you design a website that catches attention, builds your brand and makes a lasting impression.
No matter how complex your project is, our team can step up to the challenge. We’ve helped build both tiny single-purpose websites, as well as enormous cross-platform web applications.

eCommerce Websites

Building good eCommerce websites is a rare skill. In addition to the skills listed above, our team understands buying psychology. We know how to position upsells and cross-sells for maximum impact. We know how to write copy that sells. We know how to optimize eCommerce sites to make them stable, easy to use and profitable.

We can build new eCommerce sites from scratch, as well as modify existing ones. One of the biggest challenges in eCommerce is plugin integration. Our team can help you add or modify plugins while ensuring that none of your code clashes.

We work with a wide range of platforms, from Magento to Big Commerce to Shopify and more.

Mobile Websites

The web is moving increasingly towards mobile. People use their phones for just about everything, from finding restaurants to reading magazines to booking flights. Having a good mobile website experience is critical to your business’s success.

We can help you build your mobile website, as well as create new functionality. We can help you build “purchase from your phone” systems, user account systems, custom applications and more.

WordPress Websites

WordPress is the most common website platform on the internet right now. It’s highly secure and highly versatile. Thousands of available plugins make it very easy to customize.

Our team can help you build a robust WordPress website with all the features you need. We can help install and integrate new plugins, as well as write new plugins for any custom functionality you need.

Joomla Websites

Joomla serves about 2.8% of the websites on the internet, with over 35 million downloads. It offers both ease of use and customizability. Out of the box, Joomla has fantastic capabilities. It has an enormous extensions library, with over 6,000 extensions to choose from. If you need custom design or functionality however, Joomla delivers. In many ways, it’s more easy to customize than WordPress.

No matter what platform you’re on, we can help. We can help you build something brand new from scratch, or build on top of an existing platform.

Custom Websites

You have an idea. You know exactly what you want your website to do. It doesn’t fit into any existing “box.” It’s never been done before. You need it built from scratch.

Who do you call? Building a brand new, custom website involves many skills. Our A-team of designers, programmers, writers and UI experiences can help.

First, Your Core Idea

We build your website around your core idea. While building a wide range of features is great, what will ultimately keep visitors around is your core idea. What sets your website apart? What problem does it solve?

We’ll first seek to understand your vision of your website. Then and only then do we start building.

Mapping Out Your Future Website

For complex projects, we’ll often start off with wireframes and proofs. We’ll draw out what your website will look like and what each button will do, before we start building anything. We’ll work with you to refine, distill and grow the concept of your website until it just “clicks.”

Code That Just Works, Period

There’s nothing worse than hiring a programmer who builds a website that “almost works.” Unfortunately, that’s what happens most of the time.

Our team of coders were selected for their technical skill, creative thinking, attention to detail and ability to produce. When your site is complete, it’ll work exactly the way you envisioned it – guaranteed.

Waterfall or Agile Development?

There are two main styles of developing websites from scratch:

Waterfall. In this method, the client provides a detailed description of how the website should look and work at the end. Milestones and key features are outlined. Programmers then go about creating the finished product.
Agile. Instead of aiming to create a large scale finished project, agile developers create the most simple version of the project quickly. The simple version is tested, then features are added one at a time.
Smaller companies tend to prefer working in agile, as it lets them publish quickly and refine on the go. Larger companies often prefer waterfall, which lets them get approval for the whole development process once, instead of having to go through the process many times.

Our developers can work comfortably in either framework.


Did you know that eCommerce accounts for almost 10% of all US retail sales? In 2013, eCommerce grew by 13.4%. Over $250 billion is spent on eCommerce websites every year. It’s only going to keep growing as more and more consumers switch to buying online.

While owning a successful eCommerce website is lucrative, the competition is fierce. How can you stand out? Here are a few of the key things our team pays attention to when building eCommerce websites.

A Good Visitor Flow

Your website should direct visitor flow. Visitors should always know what the next step is. Do you want them to see browse a category recommendation? Press the “Add to Cart” button? Take a look at an upsell? Every step of the buying process should be simple and clear.

Good Design That Doesn’t Stand Out

The store should be about the customer. Its goal should be to make it as easy as possible for them to buy. That said, it needs to look fantastic. The design needs to create a sense of trust and credibility, without calling attention to itself. Think Amazon.com – it looks good, without drawing attention to its design.

Plugin and Functionality Integration

One of the biggest obstacles eCommerce website owners face is plugin integration. If you add one feature, it’s very easy to break a different feature. Code written by different programmers can often conflict.

Our team is well versed in plugin integration. We can help you get all the features you want up and running – without errors, crashes or technical problems.

Conversion Optimization

How can you get more people to buy? Sometimes boosting conversions is as simple as making one or two simple tweaks. On other sites, we need to make several changes across the board. Our team of UI experts, marketing specialists and developers can work with you to help you boost your average visitor value and maximize your profits.

Mobile Web Development

Mobile web development has come a long way in just a few years. Today, a good developer can build mobile sites that work seamlessly on any device or platform. They can build custom features and functionality, both on mobile sites and in mobile apps.

How can Best Edge SEM help you in your mobile strategy?

Making Designs Mobile Friendly

Designing a good mobile website means having a strong understanding of what makes mobile users tick. For example, mobile users want speed. They want web pages that load quickly. They want to be able to get the information they need fast, then move on to the next thing. That’s why small images with higher compression tend to work better on mobile.

Our designers are well versed in the mobile user’s experience. We can help you create a website that “wows” mobile users.

Responsive Mobile Design

Responsive websites are websites that are built to “stretch” or “shrink” according to the device’s size. There are far too many devices on the market now to only design for specific screen sizes. Instead, we can help you build a site that can “recognize” the screen size of your users and adapt itself accordingly.

Your site can be designed to work on iOS, Android, tablets and even non-touchscreen devices.

What About Mobile Apps?

Our A-Team of developers can also help you develop your own mobile app. Mobile apps tend to work better than mobile websites for services that customers are likely to want to access regularly. For example, if you have a weight tracking website, you’re probably better off with an app that lets people update regularly.

We can help you build your app from idea to approval. We can help you refine the core concept, sketch out the app’s flow, build the app itself and walk you through the app store approval process.

WordPress Web Development


WordPress is fast, secure, versatile and easy to use. For many businesses, it’s the perfect Content Management System (CMS). Best Edge SEM is experienced in building WordPress websites at every level. Whether you need to build a basic WordPress site or use WordPress to host a 1,000+ page website, we can help.

We Build Themes from Scratch

Our team of professional designers can help build the perfect theme for your brand. Instead of working with an existing theme, we start from scratch. Every design decision we make centers around your brand.

Easy to Use Page Templates

If you run a website with many different “types” of pages, we can build different designs for each type of page. For example, we can build designs for your content pages, video pages, members-only pages, sales pages, email opt-in pages and more.

Any time you want to create such a page in the future, you just select the type of design you want from the drop-down menu. WordPress will do the rest.

Installing and Integrating Plugins

Need specific features or functionality on your website? We can help you find and install the right plugins. We can use plugins to help boost your website’s speeds, track essential usage statistics, integrate a shopping cart, add “You Might Also Like” links and more.

Build New Plugins from Scratch

What if you need a feature that isn’t available through conventional plugins? Our team of developers can help you build it from scratch. No matter what you need your website to do, we can help.

WordPress Security

WordPress is extremely secure, even right out of the box. That said, WordPress sites can get hacked if they’re not well managed. Our team of professional WordPress experts will help setup your site so it’s 100% secure.


Joomla is one of the most powerful platforms on the internet, serving about 2.8% of the web. Setting up Joomla websites is more complex than setting up a WordPress or straight HTML/CSS website. That said, once it’s setup properly, it can be much more robust. While most smaller sites use WordPress, many industrial or mid-sized companies opt for the power and flexibility of Joomla.

An Experienced Team of Joomla Developers

Developing for Joomla is a specialized skill. A PHP or WordPress developer can’t easily “switch” to developing for Joomla. Finding skilled, reliable Joomla developers can be a challenge.

Fortunately, we’ve done all the hard work for you. We’ve looked for and hired some of the world’s best Joomla developers. Our team can help you build your Joomla website from the ground up, no matter how big or small.

Customize Your Site the Way You Want It

Joomla is a very flexible platform. While WordPress is primarily a blogging platform (which can be customized,) it still lacks the raw power that Joomla offers. For example, trying to run an eCommerce platform on WordPress is just asking for trouble.

On the other hand, Joomla can be customized to do just about anything. Its extensions system lets you change not just the front end, but the back end as well. Our developers can help integrate multiple extensions, or write new functionality from scratch.

Building Expandable Websites

One of the best things about Joomla is that it can be built in a basic manner, but leave room for future expansion. We can launch a new website with a limited set of features, while making it easy to add new features in the future. We can help get your website up quickly while working towards the long term vision of what you ultimately want your website to look like.