Internet Marketing

Best Edge SEM offers a wide spectrum of web marketing services. Every company has a unique market and faces unique challenges. With our wide range of expertise, we can help put together the perfect marketing plan for your business.

Search Engine Optimization

Want to rank #1 in Google? Our team of SEO professionals have done it time and time again. We can work with both brand new websites and established websites to quickly raise your website’s rankings. We use a proven range of techniques, from on-page SEO to linkbuilding and more. All our links are 100% whitehat and Penguin-friendly.

Video Creation and Marketing

We can help you plan, create and execute a video marketing strategy. We’ll also help you script, produce, shoot and edit the video itself. Once the video is created, we can help you upload and embed the video. The video can be a standalone, or we can integrate it into a larger marketing plan.

Social Media Management

Social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are an important part of any online marketing strategy. We’ll help you setup your accounts and build your pages, including custom headers and backgrounds. We can also help you run your accounts by posting regular updates and regular content. We can also respond to comments and help keep customers engaged. Finally, we can use social media to drive traffic to your website and generate sales.

Local SEO

Own a business in the Tampa area? We can help you boost your local search engine rankings. Using a variety of local SEO tools, we can help you show up #1 on both mobile devices and desktop computers. The competition for local SEO is much easier than national SEO, so it’s not uncommon to see sharp rankings boosts in just a couple weeks.

Pay Per Click Advertising

We can help you plan, execute and optimize a PPC marketing campaign. We’ll research and brainstorm a list of keywords that are likely to be profitable. We’ll help you write the ads, as well as get the whole campaign setup. Then we’ll track the results and refine the campaign. We’ll cut out non-converting keywords, test new ads and increase your ROI over time.

We can also act as PPC consultants if you’d prefer to run your traffic in-house. Instead of running your campaigns for you, we’d simply look at your data and give suggestions on how you can improve your campaign’s performance.

Reputation Management

What does your front page say about your company? Are there negative articles or reviews? If so, it’s probably costing you sales. Over 90% of customers will Google you, your brand or your product name before they buy.

Our reputation management services will help you reduce or remove these negative articles from the search engine results. We’ll also help boost the rankings of positive reviews and articles. Once completed, you’ll have a clean and positive front page for all your most important search terms.

Custom Analytics

All our clients get access to our custom analytics panel. This panel has all your most important data, including traffic and keyword stats, all in one place. You can also see how your campaign is performing over time, including your rankings over time. Finally, you can see what we’re working on in your project. All of this is built into our custom reporting interface.

Web Hosting

We also offer full hosting packages to all of our clients. This includes unlimited domains, unlimited bandwidth, cPanel management and 24/7 technical support.

Ready to see how we can bring you more traffic and more sales? Contact us today for more information on how Best Edge SEM can help you immediately.