6 Ways SEO Is Critical For COVID-19 Business Recovery

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed consumer behavior as Americans are forced to stay inside and buy online. As a result, media consumption has surged. More than ever before, consumers are watching videos, reading blogs, and posting on social media to stay connected with others.

It’s true that the coronavirus has caused setbacks for companies, but it has also provided a unique and invaluable window of opportunity. Businesses ranging from medical practices and law firms to retail stores can take advantage of increased online activity.

By improving your search engine optimization strategy right now, during the height of the COVID-19 outbreak, your company can ride out this economic storm and come out of it positioned for success.

SEO Achieves Widespread Reach

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of increasing both the quality and quantity of traffic to your website through organic search engine results. Instead of paying for advertisements and search engine placement, a strong SEO strategy helps your company earn top search results through superior quality content, user friendly interface, credibility, and many other factors.

When you take the time to enhance your SEO practices, you position your business to appear in all relevant search queries. This makes it much easier for potential customers to learn about your company, share your content with friends, and become familiar with your logo.

Consumers Want Guidance From Experts

We’re living in a world of unknowns, and customers want answers from the experts. This COVID-19 pandemic creates the opportunity to build and solidify your company’s voice. By providing expert advice, accurate information, and relevant updates, your consumers will come to view your business as an industry leader.

Consider these simply SEO tactics that offer significant rewards:

  • Email opt-ins
  • Invitations to join on social media
  • Link to useful downloads
  • Health and safety tips

Use SEO to Optimize Conversions

As you work to improve your search engine optimization system, you may very well optimize your conversion rate as well. One plays off the other. With the rising demand for online resources and digital media, consumers are eager for opportunities to improve their health, wellness, and financial stability.

Your company can offer those benefits in order to earn more new customers. A doctor’s office, for example, can provide highly relevant and focused medical content regarding COVID-19 and, in the process, earn new patients who trust the doctor’s professionalism and capabilities.

Search Engine Optimization Boosts Customer Experience (UX)

Search engine best practices aren’t just for show. It’s rewarding to appear in the first five Google search results, but that doesn’t mean much if user experience on your website is poor. By applying a professional SEO strategy, your business can seamlessly optimize its website and content to improve the customer journey.

Everything from internal links, calls to action, images, and site organization matter to the user and Google search rankings alike. SEO tackles all of those factors and hundreds more in its overarching effort to improve your online presence.

SEO Supports Consistent Long-Term Traffic

It’s true that SEO requires an upfront investment, but it achieves steady long-term traffic as a result. Unlike paid advertising that only delivers results during paid campaigns, SEO works all day, every day, year after year, to boost your search engine rankings, convert new customers, and drive traffic to your website.

It’s a Core Part of Any Successful
Marketing Strategy

Websites of the 21st century look nothing like the websites of the late 1990s. In today’s world, SEO is an absolutely essential and integral part of any successful website and marketing strategy. By giving your SEO practices more attention during the COVID-19 outbreak, you can ensure that your website is strong enough to support aggressive online marketing efforts during the coronavirus recovery.

It’s time to call in a professional team to help your company thrive. Best Edge SEM offers time-tested SEO strategies to help businesses across the country build an unstoppable online presence. Call Best Edge SEM today to learn more and catapult your company through the COVID-19 pandemic without breaking a sweat.