Dr. William W. Adams MD

Dr. William W. Adams MD is a popular plastic surgeon in St. Petersburg, Florida. We have been working with Dr. Adams for over two years, and continue to manage all of his SEO, website development, and social media accounts. You’ll find Dr. Adams dominating the search results and staying busy with our help of course.

Check Out Our Results Below

Facebook Marketing Campaign


-> Increased Facebook Likes 300% to 428 current likes.

-> Week after week consistent increase in engagement with posts and comments

-> Have run several contests and grown email subscriber list from 20 to over 200

-> Create contest promo images, banner themes and collection of contest entries

-> Engaging, relevant medical content posted every other day, connecting w/Facebook community

Twitter Marketing Campaign


-> Designed and manage Twitter account on a daily basis

-> Currently 82 followers from 0

-> Coordinate Facebook campaigns and posts w/Twitter for full social media exposure

Client Management / Email List 

-> We’ve grown Dr. Adams email list substantially since first starting from 0 to over 100 and growing rapidly

-> We create monthly newsletters and contests promoting the practice and Dr. Adams to his email list and social contacts

-> Monthly newsletters/contests include all design elements, implementation and promotion

Analytic / Visits 


We have grown the website from less than 200 visits a month to 900-1100 on a monthly basis, just for the city of St. Petersburg, Florida, which is a great number. We continue to see growth of 5-10% on a monthly basis in terms of visits and traffic via Organic and Referral sources.

Contact Form Submissions / Calls

Currently Dr. Adams receives 50+ leads per month on average via form and phone.

The value of a lead can range from $500 – up to 20k+ or more depending on the type of surgery the patient is interested in. We bring a minimum of $25,000 worth of leads on a monthly basis, with this number growing.

Keyword Rankings

An important part of any SEO campaign are the keyword rankings. At Best Edge SEM, we produce results. Below are a couple of our primary keywords ranking at the top of Google search results. They have been top 3 for the past year, and will continue to grow in dominance.

Plastic Surgery St. Petersburg = #3 

plastic surgery st. petersburg   Google Search


Breast Augmentation St. Petersburg = #3 

breast augmentation st. petersburg   Google Search