Social media marketing is one of the best approaches for developing relationships with potential customers and getting your name out there. It is free or inexpensive, mostly requiring only that you invest your time by sharing your perspective and expertise.

Use these techniques to enhance your company’s reputation on social media platforms:

Create interesting and informative posts – If your posts offer real value to your potential customers by providing good content, your readers are likely to form an appreciative and positive impression of your business. The satisfied reader is more likely to visit your website and become a customer.

Respond – When someone contacts you on social media – that is a lead. Treat him or her as a valued potential customer by responding to the questions or comments. If someone posts a negative comment, don’t delete it, as this shows the writer (and anyone who is following the thread) that you don’t value his or her opinion. Instead, use it as an opportunity to address the concern.

Consider advertising options – Platforms such as Facebook have a significant amount of information about their users and will use this information to get your advertisement to those most likely to be interested in your services.

Use free promotional giveaways – Nothing engenders warm and fuzzy feelings like free stuff! This is a way to share what you can do without putting people on the defensive, which often happens if you use a pushy sales approach.

Limit your number of platforms – Don’t stretch yourself too thin. Choose the platforms that are most appropriate for your social media marketing strategy, and focus your attention on those.

By providing more opportunities for consumers to both hear about your services and to interact with your company in a positive way, you will enhance your business’ reputation while cultivating leads that you will later convert to customers.

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