We live in a world of instant gratification. You want to know the lyrics to that song? You can get them up on your smartphone in 2.5 seconds. Want a cup of coffee? There’s probably a cafe or gas station within two miles that’s offering a cup for only a dollar or two. Everything is instant, and the most successful companies are working overtime to help their customers use that same speed within their websites and mobile apps.

One of the best ways to keep your customers happy and instantly gratified is to add an Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) to your website. This relatively new concept is an open-source technology that enables pages on your site to load very quick on any mobile device using JavaScript and HTML markup. Consider the satisfaction of a customer that has your website load instantly on his mobile phone compared to a customer that watches it load pixel by pixel like he’s on 1990’s dial-up Internet. Chances are the first customer will stick around and the second customer will head back to Google to find a better site.

Use AMP To Improve Mobile SEO

You know by now that your search engine ranking will dramatically affect how easily your customers can find you. Since AMP is the newest and latest way to keep your site mobile-friendly, you need it to ensure Google rates you well. This will keep your SEO climbing.

Minimize Your Bounce Rate

In our fast-paced world, very few customers will wait even 15 seconds while your site loads. If it isn’t done in a few seconds, those customers are leaving for a better site. This contributes to a bounce rate that will ding your SEO and cause you to suffer the loss of potential leads.

Monetize Your Site

Website advertisements generate more revenue to your site, but they also increase the load time. Assuming your slow-loading mobile site causes customers to bounce away, you won’t make the money you want. AMP was designed with ad monetization in mind because it ensures that mobile sites with ads can still load quickly. You will keep your customers happy and your profits happier.

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