The Internet seems to change with every minute that goes by, and it can often feel like a whirlwind for companies trying to make the best use out of their online tools. As the 2017 business year heads into its second quarter, interactive content has quickly become the trending branding and marketing strategy of choice for large and small companies alike. This quick guide will help you identify how to utilize engaging, interactive content to boost your own business.

What is Interactive Content?

The concept of interactive content is simple, but creating the content is another matter. Interactive content is content that requires viewers to participate and engage, rather than just sitting back and reading or watching. The content somehow forces the viewer to act, because the theory is that increased engagement will lead to continued engagement. It’s important that interactive content somehow adds value for the user.

What Does Interactive Content Look Like?

Interactive content is anything that gets web users involved in your website. Assessments, calculators, trivia, polls, and brackets are just a few popular forms of interactive content that can be cleverly customized to relate to your company’s purpose and goals. These strategies essentially allow you to have a conversation with your audience and help them feel like they’ve enjoyed an in-person interaction on your landing page, blog, email, or social media platform. By simply tapping into the natural human instinct to compete, test, have fun, and share opinions, you can draw more traffic to your site and keep visitors coming back for more.

How Can You Create Interactive Content?

The Internet isn’t just your platform to reach your customers, it is also the place you can go to find incredibly useful tools that will make your marketing efforts more efficient. Apster, for example, is an online tool used by major brands like The Huffington Post, CNET, and Fox Sports for its easy-to-customize polls, surveys, video quizzes, personality tests, and much more. You simply use their system to craft your content and then embed it into your blog content, website, social posts, or emails. Brackify, Engageform, and SnapApp are a few other very successful interactive content creation tools that you won’t regret experimenting with.

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