In a world of social media posts and viral videos, it’s easy to forget about the traditional press release, but the truth is that the press release has become more relevant than ever before. Before you believe the rumors that standard print mediums are dead, consider these undeniable benefits of the press release.

The Best Purposes For a Press Release

You don’t want to misuse the power of the press release, so be sure to devise a strategic press release plan for your company. It’s always wise to use a press release to announce a new product or service. Unlike announcing such things on social media, which puts you at the mercy of Facebook’s and Twitter’s newsfeed algorithms, an official press release will be distributed to all local news outlets and covered by true journalists. This improves the major search engine results your company can obtain as well. A press release can also prove valuable in boosting your brand image, either proactively or as a reaction to an unfortunate event.

Strengthen Brand Visibility

A press release is one more tool that can help small and large businesses alike make themselves more visible to customers. A steady press release strategy keeps consumers aware of who you are, what your company does, and why you are valuable to them. As the journalists covering your business begin to become more familiar with you, your company will benefit from a larger scope of media coverage.

Save Money

Compared to some marketing techniques, a press release is a fairly affordable and simple way to keep your business in the news. The only true costs involve writing and distributing the press release, both of which can be done by existing employees or by a professional company for a nominal fee. Given the exposure that each press release can provide, this is money well spent.

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