From a social media perspective, it’s no secret that Facebook, Twitter, and perhaps Instagram and Pinterest are critical to your brand’s presence and customer relationship. Many businesses also benefit from a strong LinkedIn presence. But there may be one social media platform that you are ignoring entirely: Google+. Recent changes have now made Google+ sync with Buffer, the popular social media management tool, which makes it infinitely easier to add Google+ into your daily routine. From visibility to personal branding, Google+ can be remarkably valuable, and you don’t want to miss out!

It’s Google!

On the most basic level, consider the fact that Google+ is the offspring of Google, and Google is the main search engine that has control of your rankings ratings and general visibility. Using this line of thought, why wouldn’t you take advantage of Google+ to make a better name for yourself within the Google algorithm? With that said, Google+ content is indexed within Google immediately to show up in search results, but can literally instantaneously improve your rankings. In this way you can rank for keyword terms that might normally elude you or drive traffic to your Google+ profile and then into your blog or website.

Your Email Automatically Advertises Your Google+ Profile

If you use Gmail, then your Google+ profile will appear in every single email you send. Optimize and take advantage of this by adding a photo to your Google+ profile, adding links, working in a bio, and crafting a cohesive storyline to keep people interested. Your email will be a completely free walking, talking advertisement for your valuable Google+ profile.

Google+ Communities Are Meaningful

A Google+ Community is similar to a group in which one or more people can own and moderate the group and invite others to join the community. Community members make posts on the topic of that community and share relevant information. Some workplaces use Google+ communities as safe social networks for employees that eliminate the controversy of Facebook and Twitter, and you can also use it to connect with your community and draw attention to your brand.

It’s easy to see that Google+ is a valuable tool that offers many different ways to boost your SEO and web-presence.

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