In the business world, the winter holidays begin long before the last piece of Halloween candy has been grabbed and the last Pumpkin picked from the orchards. It really begins in the spring and summer as businesses craft and plan their marketing strategies for the season to come. If you were so busy and overwhelmed by the immediate demands of spring and summer that you couldn’t possibly think ahead to your holiday SEO strategy, don’t worry. There are still plenty of quick-win techniques you can use to take advantage of the holidays.

Optimize Your Descriptions and Titles

It’s the holiday season, which means that your standard descriptions and titles need to be tweaked in order to catch the attention of eager shoppers and travelers. Go through all of your descriptions and titles to ensure they not only contain the right keywords but that they also appeal to the searcher. For example, if a video game site changed a page from “Best Video Games- Last Guardian, Titanfall 2, Pokemon” to “The Top 10 Video Games for Christmas 2016,” a parent in desperate search of a video game for her son or daughter would immediately click on that second link.

Aim for Low-Hanging Fruit

With only a few weeks until the holidays truly begin, you are looking for quick-fixes to your SEO, not Hail-Mary passes. Rather than attempting to update your keywords so the most general relevant word like “facial” brings your business up first in the rankings, aim for the lower hanging fruit such as “facial spas Tampa.” You’ll generate the most success by placing your focus on your specific niches.

Double Check Your Content

All that’s left now, of course, is content. Your content is the cornerstone of your SEO and has the potential to draw viewers when nothing else does. If your content is unoptimized, then you are letting your most powerful tool go to waste. Take a look at all of your pages and make sure they are optimized with target keywords in order to draw most attention to them, and then write new content that relates to the holidays to help your website join in on the dialogue.

With a bit of effort and focus, you can still use the holiday season to reap major benefits to your business.

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