SEO is the foundation of your website’s success, the axis upon which your brand name rotates, which means outpacing your competition is the name of the game. As 2016 comes to a close and 2017 is just around the corner, it’s worth taking a look at the SEO strategies that will dominate the arena. If you embrace these trends, you’re sure to see the difference in your business traffic, customer satisfaction, and profits.

Dense Content

When the concept and implementation of SEO originated, website marketing experts used small “fluff” pieces of content in order to draw more traffic to their websites. This worked for a long time since it was still a new idea and optimized websites weren’t widespread. In the last few years, consumers have signaled a desire for more comprehensive content that covers a single topic with depth, and websites everywhere have risen to the challenge. As the calendar turns to 2017, many experts are predicting that these two popular forms will meld together to make the newest hot content the “dense” content: as much information as possible in the smallest space possible.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Commonly referred to in the SEO realm as AMPs, these pages allow webmasters to create pages that load virtually instantly on mobile devices. This is absolutely critical for your SEO since Google is already favoring sites with AMPs by giving them more visibility with an icon that indicates AMP status. It makes sense, since AMP pages load up to four times faster and use eight times less data.

New(er) Algorithms

Google loves its updates. Most notably, Google RankBrain and Google Hummingbird released functions that allowed the algorithmic machines to learn more about how users phrase their questions. Most experts insist that Google is long overdue for another update, and it will most likely be released as we are all celebrating 2017. Whatever that new update holds, it is bound to transform SEO algorithms even further.

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