If you’ve never heard of “influencer marketing,” you’re not alone, although you probably know the concept without realizing its formal title. Influencer marketing is a type of marketing that utilizes influential and well known people, companies, and social figures in order to spread the word about a specific brand or business. In other words, influencer marketing uses specific strategies to ensure that key individuals or companies leverage their power among their audience members to promote a brand or business. When companies achieve influencer marketing, they are able to introduce their brand name to an entirely new demographic that may not have been accessible through traditional means.

The Formula

Influencer marketing is a complicated concept, and cannot be based upon the number of followers a person or brand has on social media. It has been suggested that influencer marketing can be determined with this equation:

Influence= Audience Reach (# of followers) x Brand Affinity (expertise and credibility) x Strength of Relationship with followers. The larger each of these elements is, the more effective the influencer marketing will be.

For example, a respected and popular chef might introduce her favorite marinade blends on a blog, and her suggestion will be trusted by her followers and likely lead to a boost in sales for that marinade company. However, if that same chef was discredited after a plagiarism controversy, the same influencer marketing would fall flat and possibly even hurt the marinade company.

Guest Posts

By developing a relationship with your influencer marketer and earning guest posting rights, you will earn backlinks for your website. Legitimate backlinks will significantly strengthen your SEO by improving your website’s algorithm scores related to authority, quality, and relevancy. The more guest posts in various places, the better!

Boost Site Traffic

Finally, influencer marketing can dramatically increase the amount of traffic heading toward your website through referral links, backlinks, and even direct traffic. Since direct traffic and repeat traffic are top ranking factors in Google’s infamous SEO algorithm, this shouldn’t be ignored.

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