Not too long ago, many websites relied upon less-than-ethical means to keep their sites at the top of search engine results. Google has since cracked down upon these shady practices and imposed punishments upon websites that still utilize questionable techniques. However, this can be frightening for a legitimate company who wants to build its SEO but is concerned about innocent mistakes being identified and punished by Google as “black hat” SEO.

One of the most powerful elements of SEO is link building, since a website’s validity is based heavily on how many other websites reference it as a source or suggestion. Unfortunately, link building is also one of the areas that is most taken advantage of, and the threat of the “Google penalty” has created a stigma that prevents many companies’ attempts to launch successful link-building campaigns.

Some businesses sit by waiting and hoping that other sites will link to their own content, and others go out and build links themselves. Hiring a professional SEO company is the best way to do this, since SEO experts thoroughly understand the hundreds of complexities that meld together to make a website thrive. The following Google “secret” will give you an idea of how they make it work.

Guest Posts

If you can provide well-written, thoughtful content to publishers who are looking for contributors, then your business will benefit from links on a legitimate and reputable website and gain a broader audience through that contributor’s audience. The most powerful way to form a link-building campaign is to continue the guest post process and gradually increase the authority of the publishers you seek. After a bit of time, your website will have links on so many different trusted sites that you’ll see an undeniable improvement in your organic search rankings.

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