It takes money to make money, right? Business owners know that all too well. That’s why working strategically to retain customers is so important; it costs five times more to find new customers than to simply keep existing customers happy. Cohesive mobile marketing is one of the most efficient ways to maintain existing customers, but don’t get too worried if you haven’t put any attention toward a mobile marketing campaign quite yet. It’s vital to utilize everything that mobile has to offer, but it’s also not too late to get into the game. Here’s what you need to know!

First Things First: Build Your Mobile Website

When cell phones first became capable of accessing the Internet, it was nearly impossible to actually utilize because entire websites became scrunched down onto tiny cell phone screens. Nothing was optimized, and it sometimes took minutes or even hours for a site to completely load. Today, mobile optimization gives businesses a way to create a specific website format for mobile phone users. Rather than an entire website loading, a more streamlined and attractive version will be available for users to enjoy. Many studies show that web users are far more likely to stick around on a mobile website that has been optimized, and is thus far easier to navigate, than a standard website trying to fit onto a mobile screen.

Put Yourself on the Map

Few people ever travel without their smartphones, so it’s strategic to utilize location-based tools in your mobile marketing. Foursquare, Gowalla, Facebook Places, and other such sites all help on-the-go customers find what they are looking for, and your presence on those platforms will help you capture extra and unexpected traffic. Foursquare even makes it possible to provide a digital coupon for your location to any member of Foursquare who comes within a 200 yard radius of your store. Even if a customer wasn’t planning on stopping in to your location, that coupon could draw his business!


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