In a world of social media posts and viral videos, it’s easy to forget about the traditional press release, but the truth is that the press release has become more

There are literally millions and millions of people out there on the Internet at any given time, which means you have millions and millions of opportunities to attract new viewers

If you’ve never heard of “influencer marketing,” you’re not alone, although you probably know the concept without realizing its formal title. Influencer marketing is a type of marketing that utilizes

A new year is upon us, which means that new trends will be popping up to lead the Internet into its next realm of progress. Given that SEO is essentially

From a social media perspective, it’s no secret that Facebook, Twitter, and perhaps Instagram and Pinterest are critical to your brand’s presence and customer relationship. Many businesses also benefit from

In the business world, the winter holidays begin long before the last piece of Halloween candy has been grabbed and the last Pumpkin picked from the orchards. It really begins

SEO is the foundation of your website’s success, the axis upon which your brand name rotates, which means outpacing your competition is the name of the game. As 2016 comes

We live in a world of instant gratification. You want to know the lyrics to that song? You can get them up on your smartphone in 2.5 seconds. Want a

Not too long ago, many websites relied upon less-than-ethical means to keep their sites at the top of search engine results. Google has since cracked down upon these shady practices

Pinterest has given the Do-It-Yourself mentality a life of its own, but there are certain tasks that are significantly more difficult and expensive to do without professional help. Unless you