Case Study: Hermann Wellness

How We Turned A Small, Local, Wellness Practice, Into A Thriving 2 Location Aesthetics Practice in Tampa Bay

Hermann Aesthetics (formerly known as Hermann Wellness) has been a Best Edge client since 2018. Since becoming a client, Dr. Hermann has transitioned her practice intro a thriving aesthetics business with two locations in competitive Tampa Bay, Florida. 

How did we help her accomplish this goal? Let’s find out…

This is Hermann Wellness Google visit history since 2012.

Search Engine Optimization

As you can see in the above screen capture (courtesy of Dr. Hermann’s search traffic from Google has steadily increased every month since she’s been a client of Best Edge. This doesn’t take into account the impressions, clicks and calls from her Google Business Listings either.

Below is undeniable proof of the results our SEO campaign. 

Breakdown of all of Hermann Wellness Visits since 2021

The above is a screen grab from Google analytics reporting. 

You can see since early early 2021, Dr. Hermann has received over 289, 000 visits to her website. 

Out of the 289k visits, 184k of those visits were attributed to Google SEARCH. (not ads).

This accounted for 64% of all visits to the website AND the majority of all conversions (calls, forms).

Yeah, but what specifically did you do?

Specifically, we did a lot of things. Success requires a dedicated marketing team in 2022.

WEBSITE OPTIMIZATION: It all starts with the website. Dr. Hermann had a WIX or Godaddy website before we worked together. We always recommend owning your own website, and building on WordPress. This platform provides the highest leverage in terms of SEO and other website functionality.

CONTENT: Another big issue the website had was that there wasn’t enough content. We always recommend building out individual pages for each treatment/service you have. Doing so will allow you to rank each page for that specific treatment/service better against the competition in Google because it’s highly targeted.

SEO OPTIMIZATION: Again, going back to the website, we had to optimize all pages, content, images and code for SEO. This means understanding what the search engines care about and applying those characteristics to the website and individual pages.

GOOGLE LISTINGS: Most people think just setting up a Google listing is enough, but it isn’t. We optimized each of the practice’s Google listings, and continue to build out citations and referring links to the listing to rank them highly in Google.

MISC: Aside from the above, we’ve always helped the practice with REVIEWS, SOCIAL MEDIA, PAID ADS, NEWSLETTERS, DESIGN and PR. All of these second level activities help the overall SEO rankings and direct traffic back to the website.

Will SEO Work For My Practice In 2022?

It will, but it won’t be easy. (unless you’re working with us) 😉

With most of your competition already marketing for years now, it’s even more important in 2022 to hire a team that has the experience to out-perform the “other guys” and make up that time. 

We know how to exploit the competition by focusing on what really matters. 

While most aesthetic practices are super obsessed with social media, we focus more on the Google side because we’ve found the Return on Investment and Conversion Rates FAR EXCEED social media…and we’re all about providing results that pay your bills.

Like we tell our clients, it’s good to be active everywhere, but dont’ discount Google. It’s still the number 1 way to reach active buyers in your market searching for your services who are ready and willing to SCHEDULE appointments TODAY. 

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